Here at Little & Mighty, we believe that all kids are mighty. We have had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people via Little & Mighty. It's one of the best perks of the job! We love hearing the stories from these awesome parents. These kids are oh so mighty! It's so inspiring!

We want to take some time each month to shine the spotlight on a Mighty Kid. This month we chose one who started showing her mighty ability to engage people at a very young age!

Let me introduce to you Jennifer Olsen McEwan and her Mighty Kid, Piper.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a vegetarian foodie. I love all things campy & glammy 70‘s. I am an only child, I am married to a beautiful dreamer. I went to a different school every year from first grade until 10th grade. I played and coached roller derby for 5 years. I have had a cartoon idea published nationally. I don’t fold my kids' clothes. I am 38 years old. I hide vegetables in everything. I also hide chocolate. I speak my mind. I would like to read more. I have dreams of one day growing all our own food and raising chickens. I crave kale. I am passionate about everything. I would rather play than clean. I am raising two of the most amazing beings I know, the best I know how.

What has surprised you most about becoming a parent?

The capacity to love those littles so fiercely, and that it grows greater every day.  That and how much I also LOVE (need) coffee.

What is the best and worst parenting advice you've ever gotten?

The Best: "You are never gonna say I wish I put them down more" This is when I felt guilty about sitting on the couch the WHOLE day holding Piper when she was new.  I will always take the opportunity to hold my children.  In fact, my fitness goal is to be able to pick my kids up as long as they ask me to (and probably even after they don't want me to).

The worst advice - I am not sure. I think I have tuned it out and just let it wash over me.  But the whole pro-spanking debate has never seemed reasonable to us.

What is your best advice for a brand new parent?

Be gentle with yourself and just enjoy your new life together.  Make time for lots of quiet wonder.

When did you first realize how mighty your kid was?

I realized how mighty Piper was when she was about 4 months old.  We were in a restroom and I had just finished changing her diaper.  My girlfriend was holding her and this professional woman was next to her. Piper just lit up all smiles at this woman. The woman tried to ignore her, then Piper started giggling and bouncing at this lady. The lady finally broke down and smiled and started talking to her. Piper started laughing and squealing and got this lady laughing. She pulled this woman out of whatever she had going on in her head and had her laughing and smiling. We noticed she later was trying this with other people, and more often than not, she broke through whatever it is that adults have swirling around in their head, and got them to take notice, smile, and interact with her.

Describe your Mighty Kid's typical day.

I wake up with the kids (around 7) and it's breakfast first thing! Then we have to have a little downtime before we get out the door - if we leave the house.  I try to be conscious of over-scheduling and not cram everything into one day/week/month (it’s so tempting).  But, we love seeing friends and getting out and about. Then it’s time for lunch and then little brother Banyan naps.  Sometimes Piper will nap; if not, we’ve been using nap time to do some fun big kid activities. Then a snack when everyone is up, play outside if we can and I try and have dinner ready around 5. We usually start bedtime around 7pm and both kids usually fall asleep pretty quick depending on the nap situation. It looks so simple in text, but the reality of it is sometimes CrAzY!




almost 4


matching pajamas, riding her scooter, and yogurt tubes


wearing jackets, her little brother in her room, mixing Play-Doh colors

Tell us about your Mighty Kid's most recent adventure.

We recently took a nature walk on a gorgeous day, and the trail ended up down by the river.  We let the kids wade around in the COLD water and play in the sand. It was just a beautiful day, one of those days you hope has imprinted on them somehow.

What is your kid's mightiest quality currently (mighty napper, mighty funny, mighty tantrums, etc.)?

Mighty talkative!

What does Little & Mighty mean to you? 

The words together paint such a vivid picture of being small and having such strength, and to not ever discount that.  Those little fingers can open a jar of cherries, those little eyes are gazing on a whole other plane, tiny feet can travel faster than our own, those foot long arms squeeze tighter than any adults, so much truth comes from those little tiny lips, such great pure love from a heart so little and mighty. 


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