"Oh - she’s up! That was nice long nap she took today," I thought to myself, as I made my way to her room to greet her from her sweet slumber.

She’s usually sitting at the edge of her bed waiting for me, but this time she was still laying in bed, so I took the opportunity to lay down with her while she was still waking up. BEST CHOICE EVER!!!

A bit about my little one: she’s not much into cuddling, and she usually pushes us away or allows us a quick hug before shrugging us off. Don’t get me wrong, she does have her rare moments of displaying lots of love with surprise hugs, unexpectedly crawling up next to me and nestling in to read a book, or when she takes my face between her hands, moves my face to meet hers directly and then plants a big sloppy kiss on my nose, lips, and chin. I love it! I love her random displays of love and affection – melts my heart!!! I would not call her a cuddler, though.

So on this particular day as I crawled into her bed to lie down next to her, I wondered for a second, how long will she let me lay with her before she’s up and out? To my true surprise we laid there together for a very nice amount of time. As soon as I approached her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and started playing with my hair, talking to me in her babbling language and allowing me to just hold her and give her little kisses, allowing me to lay my head against her while we just held each other. Oh the love that I felt, the joy that I felt from this simple embrace – words cannot fully describe it! The icing on the cake – she rolled over and scooted all the way back so that we were spooning. She let me just hold her as her little head full of curls lay on my pillow. We laid there in complete silence - no words, no music, just silence - but I could feel her love, as I am sure she felt mine.

This was the moment, the moment that just brought tears to my eyes. The love is intense, but the desire for moments like this, even more so. Those precious moments, in complete silence, solidified so much for me. It validated that this is where I am supposed to be, no matter how often I question my parenting abilities. I love her unconditionally, and that is such a strong love to have. I soaked it in and wished I could do this with her every day. I only get weekends to spend lazy mornings with my little girl, sharing moments like this. Working fulltime at an office job really takes me away from her a lot, and it breaks my heart, but moments like this really recharge me (though they make me even sadder that the weekend will end soon).

Even though my little one isn’t a cuddle bunny all the time, it is these rare special moments that really mean the world to me, and help me through all the challenging ones. 


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