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What is one motherhood moment that you don't want to forget?

"The day my sons adoption was final. Nick was adopted from foster care. He had been placed with me at birth and his adoption was final when he was 15 months old. His adoption day is also my mother's birthday so I can forever say I got her the gift of a lifetime- a grandson! "

- Kayce, Mom to one, Preschool Teacher, Non Profit Founder


"There are so many moments with my children that I try to hold onto and keep alive in my memory. Most treasured might be the night we brought our third baby, and first daughter, home from the hospital. It was Thanksgiving, and our new family of five sat cuddled together in my bed, which suddenly felt so much more full, even though we had only added a tiny, six-pound bundle of sweetness to it. I held my precious newborn in my arms as my older boys proudly displayed the handmade cards they had made for me and their baby sister. I breathed in her newness. I listened as her brothers sang "Twinkle, twinkle" to her, over and over again. Wrapped up in the glow of gratitude and the warmth of each other, an overwhelming sense of peace filled my heart and brought me to tears. It was a moment of feeling as though every single hope I had ever had for my life had arrived, and it was even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. "

-Aimee, Mom to three, Homeschooling Stay at Home Mom, Writer, Blogger


"I never want to forget the sweet, sweet moments rocking my babies to sleep. I love it when they are calm and still and have that far-off gaze right before closing their eyes and falling asleep. It’s reassuring to see them so peaceful. "

- Brandi, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"The labor and delivery of my second son is something I go back to often. The entire 18 hours was an exercise in healing. My first son's labor and delivery didn't go the way I intended. To be clear, I made the choices but forgot to give myself the permission to change my mind. I was ill prepared by no ones fault but my own. When pregnant with my second, I was determined to prepare and I did. I read the books and made a decision to do it my way. It was long, intense and grueling. He was a large baby and we labored spine to spine the entire time. It was un-medicated by my choice. For me, that was the way to heal myself. I held steadfast. I knew what to expect. I knew I could handle it and I knew that I desperately needed it. There is not another moment in my life when I felt more powerful, proud, confident or capable than the moment he was born. I can't quite describe the feeling entirely but I was untouchable in that moment. That feeling has carried me through many struggles since and reliving it in my mind always delivers exactly what I am in need of. "

- Rachel, Mom to two, Marketing Business Analyst, Small Business Owner


"When my daughter was five, she tried to play with some other girls her age on the playground. They totally shunned her and hurt her feelings. I was so angry at their response. But when some older boys started teasing those same girls, my daughter stepped in and told those boys to shove it and go play somewhere else. I never want to forget the image of that brave little girl with her hands on her hips giving those boys a good verbal thrashing. She was so strong and confident!"

-Kelly, Mom to two, School Secretary, Bookkeeper


"The awe filled moment when I met my children for the first time.  I knew my life would be changed forever.  After months of preparation, the emotional ups and downs that accompany every pregnancy, and hours of sheer physical labor, poof; I was staring into the unbelievably unique and somehow familiar face of my newborn child.  Instantly, I was filled with a powerful peace and knew to my core that all was right with my world."

-Dana, Mom to five, Grandma to five, Teacher


"Oh, there are so many!  I wish that I could remember everything.  If I had to pick just one, though, I would pick the moment that my youngest smiled her first smile while looking right into the eyes of her big sister.  The love those two have for each other is inspiring."

-Kasey, Mom to two, Attorney


"The day we took our daughter home from the NICU after four weeks - she finally got to be home with her twin sister and us, her parents!  I remember feeling a weight lifted - this is where she belonged, and we could finally all be a family together (admittedly an exhausted, inexperienced one, but a whole family at last).  The love I felt was like snuggling under a big soft blanket - we may not have all the answers, but we would figure it out together."

- Amanda, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"When I first met my son. I don't think I have ever cried so intensely and so joyously as when I first laid my eyes on him. When he was born, I could hear him crying and crying - but when my husband placed him in my arms, he looked at me, stopped crying and then I was the one that started crying! I don't ever want to forget this special moment, the moment we first met. "

-Yadhira, Mom to one, Engineering


"One day when I was pregnant with my daughter she was moving around and kicking in my belly. I was loving it and pushed my tummy in where I felt her last movement - she pushed back! We did that like 4 times, I pushed in, she'd push back! Oh, I loved it - our first playtime!"

- Komal, Mom to one, GIS Analyst, Small Business Owner


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