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How has your relationship with your own mother been affected by you becoming a mother?

"I appreciate and depend on her more than before I became a mom! She adores my son and is always willing to help watch him when I need her. In turn, my son is always eager to go to Grandma's house and wants to go everyday!"

- Kayce, Mom to one, Preschool Teacher, Non Profit Founder


"It is interesting how becoming a mother suddenly helps you to see that all of us enter motherhood as our own individual selves, complete with our own beauty and our own struggles. Once our children are born, we are all simply doing the best we can with what we have, and learning as we go. Somehow, I didn't realize this until I had my own children. This newfound knowledge makes me want to give my mom a big hug (for all those times that I didn't). It makes me want to create for her the most thoughtful and heartfelt Mother's Day gifts (for all those times I simply sent a cheesy card.) It makes me want to forgive her (for all the little mistakes I've held on to.) It makes me want to love her even more deeply and value her even more strongly than I ever did. Because mothering is really, really hard. But she did it; and she did it incredibly well."

-Aimee, Mom to three, Homeschooling Stay at Home Mom, Writer, Blogger


"My mom and I have always been so close. We never grew apart during the sometimes volatile teenage years, partly because I feel my mother executed the perfect balance of trusting me with independence, yet still being caringly involved in my life. We have only grown closer in adulthood. When I need advice or just need to hash something over, I call mom. (Her 27 years as a preschool teacher are an invaluable bonus!) Her advice is always loving and constructive. I am a stay-at-home mom and the main thing I could never truly appreciate until I became a mother is just how much a mother does for her children. I knew my mom was exceptional, but now even more than ever I appreciate the little things she did for me daily."

- Brandi, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"My mother and I have always had a great relationship. I think I am incredibly lucky in this. I think I have more respect and appreciation for her since becoming a mother myself. After stepping into the role, I think I can understand things that I wasn't able to before. She and I share in the same struggles that all mothers do. We've both been reduced to a puddle of tears on the floor and their is comfort in that. We are all the same even as we mother differently. I don't think I would have been able to understand and share that intimacy with her if I wasn't a mother myself. There was a moment for me when I realized that my parents are just people and then another when I became a mother realizing that my mother is just a person again. I don't use the word 'just' to negate anything about it. I use it to place us all on a common field. There is closeness and understanding in meeting on this common field with people who you've spent your life looking up at."

- Rachel, Mom to two, Marketing Business Analyst, Small Business Owner


"This is a tough one for me. My mom and I have never had a good relationship, but I am slowly beginning to understand her reasoning for many of her parenting choices and come to terms with it. I might not do the same things, but I certainly have more respect for my mom than I did when I was a teenager!"

-Kelly, Mom to two, School Secretary, Bookkeeper


"I've grown to appreciate her perspective and value her even more as the years go by."

-Dana, Mom to five, Grandma to five, Teacher


"My Mom and I have always had a great relationship, but our personalities are pretty different from each other. So, imagine my surprise when my oldest turned out to be my mother’s mini-me! Seeing my Mom’s strengths and quirks replicated in my daughter has made me appreciate and love all of those little things about my Mom even more."

-Kasey, Mom to two, Attorney


"My mom was a huge help to us when the twins were born (as were many others), and it really strengthened my respect and admiration for her. We had many hours to chat and hold/nap/feed/burp/rock babies. Our friendship has definitely grown stronger as I've come to understand more of her perspective and she's seen more of mine. I think being a mom is something you can't truly understand the depths of until you are one."

- Amanda, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"On the plus side, it has made me appreciate what my mom did for me as a child. My mom has been there for me when I needed to vent (he won't eat!), when I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my son (he won't eat!), or when I wanted to share some awesome news (he ate!). She has been very respectful of the way I am raising my son, and I wish she lived closer so we could share these moments together more often."

-Yadhira, Mom to one, Engineering


"I definitely rely on her a lot more now than I ever have and I have a new found respect for her. As I think she has for me. It's nice, we get along much more now."

- Komal, Mom to one, GIS Analyst, Small Business Owner


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