Please welcome Meghan of Meghan Nesom Photography. Meghan believes in staying up late, loves gummy bears and the beach, making messes and doing what make her happy. She knows that there is beauty in life - all the time - and she captures is beautifully.

Without further delay, let's follow along with Meghan as she shows us the beauty in everyday moments.

Hi ya’ll, my name is Meg and I live in sunny south Florida with my sweet three and a half year-old tiny human. In our home childhood is a sensory experience, you can feel, smell, taste and see childhood almost every turn. I make a point for him to be able to really enjoy his childhood. I realize that before long, we will be consumed with homework, class projects and extracurricular activates so for now, we play and play hard. I work full time as an emergency room nurse and part time as a photographer. I’ve been taking pictures daily for over three years and as you can probably imagine I have a lot of photos of my little man.

Colin goes to school three mornings a week, which leaves two days that he sweetly refers to as Mommy/Colin days - these days are our adventure days. He wakes up on these mornings and immediately asks me what our plan is for today - he knows it’ll be something good. Everything we do turns into an adventure, whether it’s a beach day, a trip to Disney or even just a doctors appointment and lunch at Chipotle - we find a way to thoroughly enjoy it. He always tells me after I give him our day’s agenda “that sounds good.”

I take pictures because I realize childhood won’t last forever, I take pictures for memories; I take pictures because they last long after a certain childhood stage passes. I take pictures for him to remember our adventures and for me to remember the details. Also don’t forget to get in the frame with your littles, having these images of you with them, will be priceless to them as they grow. 

All photos courtesy of Meghan Nesom.


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