Welcome to Adventuring, a series where we get to take a step inside a child's adventures. At Little & Mighty, we want to encourage kids to go adventuring and explore the great big world around them. 

Please welcome Amber of  Simply the WildSide. Amber lives a quiet life with her Park Ranger husband and adventurer sons. She writes about raising wildlings, inspiring dreams and living simply.

Without further delay, let's follow along with Amber and her boys as they go adventuring in the backyard.

It’s always amazing how something as simple as a stroll through our backyard can turn into the biggest adventure.

Courtesy of Amber Joy

Of course it usually involves creeping from one tree to another so that the bad guys don’t notice us. “Shhhhh….stay close. I’ll protect you” one will whisper at the volume of something that is closer to a loud yell.

We find ourselves having to keep our balance on a slippery log as we crossed over the invisible river. Then of course dodging the arrows that inevitably whizzed right past our faces.

Luckily we all escaped unscathed.

Finally we would make it to our shelter. A small lean-two covered in dried moss. No doubt we would need to build a fire to keep warm from the storm that looked to be blowing in overhead.

Safely tucked away in our shelter we’d plot out our next move while we rested and snacked on a pretend bug or two. We need to keep our energy up somehow and from the looks of it food sources are a bit scarce around these parts. Although we did notice 2 four-legged friends seemed to be following us around. The thought crossed their mind, but then they remembered on their last adventure where they went around setting dozens of traps in hopes to catch our furry little friends. All unsuccessful might I add, thank goodness I haven’t had to untrap any of our dogs….yet.

Courtesy of Amber Joy

Somewhere between planning the next move and frying up the crickets their attention settled elsewhere. They stumbled across a rope, which led to an idea, which led to a lot of knot tying, climbing, and a few rope burns.

Courtesy of Amber Joy

Then came the log rolling. You can’t possibly come across a fallen log and not use it as a giant jungle gym.

Of course there is the secret shelter, hidden deep inside a rhododendron bush. One you must crawl through a few thorny patches in order to secure your spot in the middle of the bush where the temple awaits.

A few soccer kicks, football throws, and sward fights later finally the word snack enters their mind. Once that word is uttered there’s no forgetting it. Food is on the brain.

So the adventure must wait until bellies are full and thirst is quenched. But then, it’s off into the jungle where the next adventure awaits. These kids are far too little and mighty to keep contained for long.


All photos courtesy of Amber Joy.


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