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Tell us one thing that you've learned from your child.

"He makes me see everything in a new way. The way he is experiencing the world around him is very different from my view. He sees things I miss and he makes me focus on every day life. Sometimes as adults we get wrapped up in the responsibilities of life that we forget to enjoy it. He reminds me to enjoy life."

- Kayce, Mom to one, Preschool Teacher, Non Profit Founder


"I am student to my children daily. Perhaps their most valuable lesson is their constant reminder to slow down and notice the beautiful things. Most days it is beauty in the form of shiny rocks, or orange sunsets, or flowers I would have once dismissed as weeds. Whenever I am beginning to feel too rushed by my day or too stressed by my to-do list, one of my children can always bring me back to what is real and what is important by simply pointing out the beauty I can often overlook. It is a gift to be able to view the world as they do, with fresh eyes and complete wonder."

-Aimee, Mom to three, Homeschooling Stay at Home Mom, Writer, Blogger


"I have learned so many things, but the one that sticks out in my mind is to live in the moment. When my son and I are in the sand box building a city with construction toys and sticks, he is truly in the moment. He’s not thinking about what we’re going to do tomorrow or what he’ll be eating for supper, he is focused on his creation. I struggle sometimes to be in moment with our family. I am the planner in the family and it’s easy for me to get so caught up in making the plans that I forget to slow down and enjoy what’s happening right in front of me. Another thing I have learned from my kids is to be flexible and let the moment take its own course. We may have set out to collect sticks for a camp fire, but along the way we found a bird’s nest full of eggs which leads to digging for worms to help the mommy bird find food. The camp fire never gets built and that’s ok because along the way our eyes were opened to unexpected adventures."

- Brandi, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"Greater empathy for other's particular situations. Having a child with life threatening food allergies has opened my world to this reality. I honestly never thought about it prior to discovering his. It is so incredibly scary knowing that something your child eats could kill them. I am now inherently aware of the struggles of others whether it be food allergies or something completely different. I don't want other parents to ever have the worry I have if their children are at our house. So I make a point to ask and see if a simple act on my part (not serving ice cream if a child has a dairy allergy) can provide them some relief to the anxiety I know all to well."

- Rachel, Mom to two, Marketing Business Analyst, Small Business Owner


"PICK YOUR BATTLES! Some things just aren't worth arguing over. Messes can be cleaned, crazy outfits make for great memories, and most everything else is a learning opportunity about natural consequences. If it doesn't impact my child's health, safety, or ability to function in the real world, it's usually best to let it go!"

-Kelly, Mom to two, School Secretary, Bookkeeper


"True forgiveness."

-Dana, Mom to five, Grandma to five, Teacher


"It’s ok if your socks clash with your outfit. If you think you look awesome, that’s all that matters."

-Kasey, Mom to two, Attorney


"I've learned to be more present, like kids are all the time. That way I can do things like really hear birdsongs again ("Mom, do you think that one sounds like 'hamburger! hamburger!' or 'I'm bigger! I'm bigger!'?"). I love all the questions - like "how come you can't sit on clouds?" and "what do beetles eat?" and "why does the moon follow me?"

- Amanda, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"PATIENCE. Boy, I needed a lesson on that!"

-Yadhira, Mom to one, Engineering


"I've learned to look at things around me differently. The world is a new place for her and I love watching her soak it in. Simple things like branches swaying in the wind, shadows on the walls, wind chimes making music, and the list goes on. She's open to it all and notices it all and I love taking it in with her. She's taught me to slow down and appreciate all things around us no matter how common or simple they are."

- Komal, Mom to one, GIS Analyst, Small Business Owner


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