Please welcome Christie of Henley and Hadley. Christie is a mama to two (plus one on the way) and wife who spends her days enjoying her girls, cherishing the sweet memories and learning from the challenging moments. She writes about home life and motherhood and loves decorating, photography, and discovering a new recipe.

Let's follow along with Christie as she gives us a peek into the bond that her daughters have created.

Ask any parent what they think is the best age gap for their children, and you will always hear a different answer. The obvious truth: it just depends on personal preference and what is able to happen.

For me, I went back and forth on whether having my girls 20 months apart would be too close. Obviously, there’s no going back…it’s just those beautiful pregnancy emotions that like to battle it out in the most inopportune times. I was terrified that Hadley would still be “such a baby” by the time her baby sister was born; equally worried I was stealing her “baby-ness” from her.

Into the world came her baby sister, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We always chose to treat our newest baby, Sadie, as the entire family’s baby…not just mommy’s, not just daddy’s but also Hadley’s new baby. The learning curve of multitasking two came and went (and still shows its delightful face here and there) but I couldn’t be more amazed by how their relationship has grown. 

We’ve always wanted Hadley to feel like her sister was a gift, not someone to simply take more attention from us, or to take toys or clothes, but to give a meaningful relationship into her life. Sadie is now 16 months, Hadley just turned three, and I am 23 weeks pregnant with another baby girl (if you do the math, that is another daughter…20 months apart, haha!)

I have adored seeing their relationship grow. In the early stages, Sadie would be on a blankie doing tummy time while Hadley was bringing me pretend breakfast, giving her baby sister a little kiss on the cheek or a pat on the head. I’d wear Sadie a lot in our daily activities, and I’d always make sure to take a break and get her in plain view of big sister so they could have a giggle, some eye contact, or a hand hold. Fast forward to now, and I can be making my bed and hear my girls playing happily in the toy room right next to me. I will watch them play and see Hadley showing off to her sister how she can take her temperature in her toy doctor kit. I’ll think to myself: “It’s finally happening…they’re PLAYING together!” Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely the re-directing and “loving” discipline (aka: time outs) that must happen to either sister that decides to get territorial of something or a little too handsy, but we try to downplay those moments and highlight the good ones as much as possible.

I love getting to see their friendship, companionship, sisterhood … whatever you like to call it ... grow! Each stage of motherhood provides fulfillment, but I’d say seeing your children love each other is the ultimate. 

All photos courtesy of Christie Reason.


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