Please welcome Alexis Edwards of Mrs. Mombie. Alexis is a hilarious and perpetually tired mama to two and wife to her bearded Irishman. She keeps it real and riddled in sarcasm as she discusses parenting and life while drinking all the coffee.

Without further delay, let's follow along with Alexis as she reminds us all to live a life full of adventure.

I've always been loud, wild and free. Like fa real on the loud part. Sometimes my husband will tell me to pipe down and stop yelling and I’m like dude, I’m just talking. I just have this passion for life and people and adventure. I get comments all the time about having red hair and being feisty. How all red heads are fierce and on fire. Oh generalizations {insert eye roll}. Wherever it comes from, it’s something I view as a strength and I never want my children to fear using their voice for good. Such greatness is born from speaking up and breaking free.

The phrase “live loud live wild” was created by the beautiful soul of a mother, Jacqui. Her son Ryan lived life to the fullest. I don’t know her personally, but her story inspires me daily to keep living life fiercely and more importantly to foster those strengths in my own children. I want my littles to always be bold and brave and discover their own ways to give back and create adventure in everything they do.

One of the greatest adventures I’ve ever experienced (other than motherhood of course) was living and working in South Africa during my final semester of grad school. I had the honor of immersing myself in a culture completely unlike my own and literally became a part of the Botshabelo community. Botshabelo (meaning place of refuge) fosters hundreds of children survived by unthinkable amounts of trauma and orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The community believes no one can be turned away and over the years has evolved from a school into a full-fledged sustainable village.

This time in my life was overwhelmingly impactful and came with a tremendous amount of soul searching and intentional thought surrounding my own privilege and purpose in this world. It was truly a catalyst for my future and helped shape me into the woman I am today. I’ve since spent my days promoting social justice and constantly challenge others to find their own ways to enlist change and create progress not only for the oppressed, but more importantly for our own children.

I live life this way 100% for my children. So they can hopefully one day live in a world fueled by kindness and equality. This is what keeps me going. Keeps me loud. Keeps me wild. The hope that things can be different for our next generation. So to my fuego babes, I hope you will explore this great big world around you. I hope your adventures will help you discover all the ways you can give and do good. I hope your journey will facilitate growth and healing. I hope you find ways to be mighty and feel inspired. But most of all I hope you learn to live loud and live wild and never take this life we are given for granted.


All photos courtesy of Alexis Edwards.


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