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 What do you struggle with the most as a mother? 

"My son is 3 1/2 and he's starting to be aware of mommies and daddies and the roles they play because of his friendships at daycare and preschool. As a single mom, I sometimes struggle with not having a male role model in our home for him but he still has very positive role models in his life. His great grandfather, grandpa, and my two brothers in law are all people that I know will influence my son in different ways and can expose him to a variety of experiences."

- Kayce, Mom to one, Preschool Teacher, Non Profit Founder


"Perfection. Believing it is even possible to achieve. Giving everything I have to try and chase it. Being way too hard on myself when I come up short -- and this is often, because we all know perfection in parenting isn't possible. It is simply that raising little humans is the most important work I have ever been trusted with, and the weight of trying to get it right is tremendous. However, this is something I am truly working on, because I know that perfection isn't real, and that doing the best that I can is certainly more attainable, and healthy, in the long run."

-Aimee, Mom to three, Homeschooling Stay at Home Mom, Writer, Blogger


"Now that I’m a mother of two, I struggle with giving each of my children as much undivided attention as I want to. I make an effort to create a special time for each child everyday and when the guilt creeps up, I remember that they are learning valuable life lessons of patience and sharing that they will be better off for in the end."

- Brandi, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"I struggle with taking care of myself everyday. I will do anything and everything for my kids and family and end up exhausted and have completely missed taking care of myself. Giving myself permission to be a priority is really hard for me. Some how it feels to me like I'm taking away from them if I spend a bit of time on me. I work on this everyday but have by no means mastered it. I know that if I am not my best and healthy then I'm not giving my best to my kids. Somehow that truth gets lost in the day to day. I am working on helping it surface and I know that it will be an ongoing struggle for me."

- Rachel, Mom to two, Marketing Business Analyst, Small Business Owner


"Playing with my kids and being in the moment with them. My mind keeps drifting to all of the things on my plate or other concerns, and it takes a lot of effort to be present with them and just let loose. My husband is so much better at playing than I am, and it's easy to fall into a routine where he plays and I manage the household. I have to work really hard at balancing it all!"

-Kelly, Mom to two, School Secretary, Bookkeeper


"Balance. Which moment do I live in? Which of the many hats that I wear is most important today?"

-Dana, Mom to five, Grandma to five, Teacher


"As a working mom, I find it really difficult to balance the desire to get things done (like laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) and the desire to spend quality time with my kids. I know that not every day needs to be a carnival for the kids and me to have a good relationship, but I want them to remember having fun times with me. And I also want them to have clean socks to wear."

-Kasey, Mom to two, Attorney


"Probably finding that magical balance. One of my twins was born with Down syndrome, so almost since birth we have had therapy appointments pretty frequently. I try to balance doing enough therapy, but not too much so all the girls still feel like they get to mostly just be kids. I try to balance working with being present for my kids and husband, and sleeping (too little of which makes me worse at all of the others). I try to balance having some fun stuff to go do with the girls, and giving them relaxing time at home. I try to spend some time one on one with each of them occasionally, and be present and deliberate in my relationships. I try to do things for myself on occasion. There are times I miserably fail at the balancing act, and occasional periods when things feel just right."

- Amanda, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom, Small Business Owner


"Not being able to stay at home and raise my son myself. I oftentimes feel guilty for having to work and being away from him, especially when I feel that time is flying by and he is growing so fast. I just hope that one day he will understand that I did what I had to do to provide for us, and that I am setting a good example for him."

-Yadhira, Mom to one, Engineering


"My biggest struggle is accepting the fact that I am not with my daughter majority of the time and leaving her every morning for work still hasn't gotten easier. Working full-time doesn't leave a lot of evening hours where I get to just hang-out with her and play. Evenings go SO fast with picking her up, dinner, clean up, bedtime routine, etc..."

- Komal, Mom to one, GIS Analyst, Small Business Owner


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