Please welcome Annie Mcgarr of Momma Jeans. Annie is a mom, wife, full time worker bee and a Beachbody coach.  She started a blog to support other moms and exercise her creativity.

Without further delay, let's follow along with Annie as she tells us her perspective on what motherhood is all about.

Before I became a mother I had ideas and ideals about what it would be like. I planned and researched and made decisions. But once my daughter was born those ideas, ideals, and decisions pretty much went out the window. Motherhood is so many different things to each of us. It is a daily challenge and blessing. I wanted to take the time to write about things that motherhood is to me. I would love to hear what you find motherhood is…

Motherhood is… getting to know yourself and your spouse all over again. When you are a child you sometimes imagine what you will be, or where you will work. As you grow up you become your own person. When you get married you become a couple and learn each other and yourself in your new role. When you have a child you change again. You think differently about things, and sometimes that doesn’t mesh with how your spouse feels. Making yourself and your spouse a priority along with your child/children is a daily task that you work on. I personally changed immensely from the time I found out I was pregnant to now. I feel like I am a completely different person than I used to be, but in a good way. I struggle with making sure my husband feels loved and supported along with all my other things mother, daughter, friend, and worker. I love every part of motherhood and I continue to grow in all of my relationships – I think acknowledging the difficulties is definitely part of the battle!

Motherhood is…knowing that all my time is valuable and that every second counts. Before I was a momma I didn’t really think about things like running to the store real quick, or going on a camping trip. I didn’t appreciate how wonderful this world we live in really is. Watching my daughter learn new things and taste food for the first time has really made me stop and think when I am feeling down about things. I try to remember how excited she is when she sees a new animal or how happy she is to get a bite of moms food. Since becoming a mom I have really tried to slow down and just let each day be that day and not look forward to the future so much. I want my daughter to live in the moment and be a kid – not try to grow up so fast so she can live in the daily grind. To me, that is achieved by example. So I am working on letting go of expectations of what is to come and live day by day, minute by minute. 

Motherhood is…never getting ready. Okay, maybe never is the wrong word, I will change it to very rarely. I see other mommas that are out an about and they look amazing! You know what I’m talking about. That mom that has 3 kids that are tidy with their hair done, and her with curls and a stylish outfit on. Now, firstly let me say honestly even before kids – I was not really ever “ready” in that sense either. But, now it is even worse. I live in leggings, and a top bun. Literally. Sometimes I switch it up with sweats or yoga pants (technically different variations of leggings). I think I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have actually taken the time to “do” my hair. I can’t find the desire or energy to do it. Now to those mommas let me just give you a high five and say “get it girl!” but also it has made me realize that it doesn’t matter really. It is one of those little things that in the long run just isn’t a big deal. I think that whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable is what you should do!

Motherhood is…accepting my faults as well as my positive attributes. One thing that has been the hardest for myself is accepting that I can not and will not make the best decision every single time. I also can not control how everything turns out or what is going to happen. What I can control is how I respond and react to situations. I have honestly learned so much from my daughter even though she is only 1 year old. Most of it was something that I had to deal with within myself, but once I looked at the big picture and what I really wanted the work was worth it.

Motherhood is…not agreeing with everything all the time. One of the biggest things that I have seen and heard with being a momma is all of the judgment that is received from other mommas and also friends and family members. I have had an uphill battle with most things because I am a mostly crunchy momma while my mom was 100% the other way. I also was afraid, yes afraid, at first to even admit that I am mostly crunchy. Parenting topics are such a hot button for everyone that for me it is easier to just not say or give an opinion. When I thought about it though, I want my daughter to be proud of who she is and the decisions she makes when she is older, so I threw the fear out the window. I will not get into major discussions or throw my opinions in your face. I am happy with my decisions and I truly am happy for other mommas that are fine with theirs. I KNOW that mommas make the decisions they do because they love and care for their child. Whatever is right for them is right for them. I refuse to think poorly of someone based on their choices as a momma. They are very hard decisions to make, and I think being supportive of each other is way more important than if others agree with my decisions.

In conclusion, I would love to hear what motherhood is…to you, and also I would just like to say keep up the good work momma!


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