Here at Little & Mighty, we believe that all kids are mighty. We have had the opportunity to meet so many awesome people via Little & Mighty. It's one of the best perks of the job! We love hearing the stories from these awesome parents. These kids are oh so mighty! It's so inspiring!

We want to take some time each month to shine the spotlight on a Mighty Kid. This month we chose one who arrived full of tenacity and shows kindness daily.

Let me introduce to you Kelly Blumenthal and her Mighty Kid, Finn.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family:

We are the Blumenthal family and we live in Fredericksburg, VA. I am Kelly and my husband is Michael. Mason is our oldest son; he is two years old and Finn is our youngest and he just turned one! We have two dogs; a golden retriever named Summer and a Yorkshire terrier named Ollie. Michael works for the Pentagon in Washington, DC and I stay at home with the boys!

We love traveling, being outside, trying new foods, watching movies but most of all, we love quiet days at home; together as a family! 

Finn was born with five congenital heart defects and has endured ten surgeries including one open heart surgery. He will need two more before the age of 3. He has spent most of his life at UVA children's hospital in Charlottesville, VA and we were so happy when we could finally bring him home! 

Life as parents has taught us many things, but life with Finn has taught us to laugh a lot, hug, smile and enjoy every moment because you never know what each day will bring. 

What has surprised you most about becoming a parent?

What has surprised me the most about being a parent is how you never knew you could love someone as much as you love your children. Also, that a granola bar in the hand of a toddler can destroy your house in less than two minutes.

What is the best and worst parenting advice you've ever gotten?

The best advice has been to enjoy each moment of parenting, even the tough ones, because time goes by so quickly. So far, there hasn't been anything too crazy in terms of advice that I have received yet!

What is your best advice for a brand new parent?

My best advice for a brand new parent is to accept help when people offer to help. If people want to bring over food, baby sit or even clean, let them! 

When did you first realize how mighty your kid was?

I knew that Finn was mighty from the moment that he was born because we didn't even think he would survive birth but he did! 

Describe your Mighty Kid's typical day.

Finn has adventures every day! We travel a LOT!!! He has been in the hospital his entire life so we want to get out and see the world! We visit elementary schools and talk about jump rope for heart, we go to fundraisers, we travel to UVA children's hospital a lot for appointments and we do lots of fun things like going to the aquarium and swinging at the park!


Finn, Finny, Munchkin


14 Months


 Octonauts, Paci, his older brother, puffs, baths


Outside light, Santa Clause, fruit

Tell us about your Mighty Kid's most recent adventure.

Finn just celebrated his first birthday at the national aquarium in Baltimore Maryland! We invited any and all people who have been praying for him. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter, hugs, good food, great friends and happiness celebrating his first year!

What is your kid's mightiest quality currently (mighty napper, mighty funny, mighty tantrums, etc.)?

I think that Finn's mightiest quality is that he is so kind and forgiving. He goes to the doctor a lot and has to get lots of tests done and even though he may be scared, he trusts all of the doctors and nurses and still gives them all a high five and a smile! 

What does Little & Mighty mean to you? 

Little and Mighty to me also means bravery and strength! It means inspiration and hope to other kids!


All photos courtesy of Kelly Blumenthal.


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