Do you ever find yourself stuck and trying to figure out an answer to a tough parenting issue? Then suddenly you figure it out. Maybe it was the words of a friend, a spark of creativity or just a fresh look but no matter how you got there you solved it. Finding creative solutions to parenting issues is so helpful.  Kids are all different and don't necessarily follow the guidelines written in books.  

We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their thoughts and here is what they said.


"Letting go. This can come in many different forms but one of our favorites is to scream and yell. When my toddler is bursting at the seems with frustration, energy or when I'm completely distracted and he's tired of fighting for my attention, that is when he gets most restless and bound to act out or yell. So, seeing that he needs to let it out, sometimes we just go outside and exercise our outdoor voices. We yell to the moon and stars and more often than not, it accomplishes exactly what we both needed. Our neighbors probably think we're a little bit crazy but it's no secret, we kind of are ;-)"

Vivianna, Mom to one, Boss Mom

"It's simple, and maybe not the most creative but when my three-year old is having meltdown after meltdown, and talking it out is not working, I take a moment, think of something funny and just start laughing. First, he is bewildered at what I am doing, and then he usually starts laughing too. It breaks the tension and frustration between us, and usually acts like a re-set to try to have the discussion over again without the wild emotions."

Stephanie, Mom to two, Blogger and Social Worker

"I don't think I have had a really tough parenting issue yet with Olivia being so young."

Michelle, Mom to one, Dental Hygienist

"We got my 11 year old a fitbit for Christmas. He now has to reach a certain number of steps before he can have tech time. It's taken the stress out of "saying no" to TV!"

Kristen, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom and Blogger

"I find that asking either my mom or gran, or other moms I trust is really helpful! I would much rather ask a group of moms that have been there, done that. I have learned so much from my other mom friends and from other amazing mom communities. I honestly don't think I would have made it through breastfeeding without the La Leche League - through blogging without the amazing mom bloggers - or through pregnancy and birth without my mom, gran, and doula (and of course my hubby)! I don't really have many creative ways other than just going with my gut, and as always looking to God for guidance and living each day with His grace."

Annie, Mom to one, Government Worker Bee

"I think seeing our children struggle is difficult and often times we want to quickly fix the situation or eliminate any situations where they would struggle. I’ve found myself talking with my toddler through situations where he is struggling. Reminding myself that I can’t jump in is difficult but I feel that it’s necessary in order for him to grow and be able to figure things out on his own. I let him know that it’s okay to feel frustrated with whatever task or experience that seems to leave him exasperated. I then do my best to encourage him to think of another solution to overcome whatever seems to be giving him difficulty."

Dee, Mom to two, Mother/Student/Legal Industry

"Hmmm, this was a hard one. I don’t have much in the way of tricks. My son tends to be a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to getting ready for school in the morning so I tell him 10 minute earlier that we have to leave so that he gets in gear and finishes getting ready. Sometimes we end up a bit early, sometimes just on time."

Cathy, Mom to one, Finance/Administration

"I don't really know if this is a creative solution, but one thing I sometimes struggle with is spending enough individual quality time with each of my two kids. My oldest is more of an introvert and is fine just entertaining himself, whereas my daughter is more outgoing and always wanting attention. I try to really keep in mind that just because my son is not as outgoing he still needs that attention from me, so I try to make a point to do something with each child individually during the month. Even if its just taking them to the store just the two of us, or doing a special project together. It's important to recognize that although they are both my children, they still have their own unique personalities as well."

Cassie, Mom to two, Orthodontic Lab Technician/Blogger

"Right now, it's redirection and distraction :)

Don't want the baby to play with a cord on the floor? Point him towards the interesting dog toy across the room. Works like a charm for now! I'll take what I can get! "

Gloryanna, Mom to one, Teacher turned Stay at Home Mother

"We use a journal for the awkward or uncomfortable issues that my kids don't like to talk about face to face. They write in the journal and leave it in our room. We respond the best we can in writing. They love it because they can use it as a safe place. It usually leads to a conversation but it gives them a chance to 'break the ice'. It also gives them a great opportunity to practice writing!"

Kathy, Mom to four, Veterinary Nurse


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