We all have strengths - many, many strengths to be more specific. Knowing what your strengths are is important. Are you passionate? Adventurous? Caring? Organized? A creative thinker? Action oriented? A planner? A leader? A practical thinker? I'm guessing you said yes to at least one of these and the list of possible strengths is endless. Once we identify our strengths, the next step is learning to apply them especially to motherhood. After all they are strengths so let's own them. So stand up and twirl around a bit - seriously, stand up and twirl.  

We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their thoughts and here is what they said.


"I am determined and full of passion. I am determined to work through our struggles as they come and to have grace when we fall short. I am passionate about being the best mom I can be which also means pursuing my own dreams because I know that when I take care of myself, my family benefits too."

Vivianna, Mom to one, Boss Mom

"I think my greatest strengths are my optimism, empathy and listening skills. Being able to apply these skills are what I believe make me a great mom. Keeping a positive outlook even when things are tough get me through the tough parenting moments, and remembering that it is only a phase, and will eventually pass. Having empathy and intelligence allow me to understand my children, and guide us in helping us all work together through tough issues. Listening skills are huge - being able to take the time to hear what my kids are feeling and trying to communicate is essential, and helps us work together."

Stephanie, Mom to two, Blogger and Social Worker

"I am a very emotional person, always have been. I feel like that has helped me in expressing my love for my child and letting her know how much I adore her. It has also allowed me to show other emotions without exploding at her when she is misbehaving. She is a very cuddly affectionate child and I think that has helped that I am an affectionate person as well so she will often run to me, give me a big kiss or wants a kiss and then she will go on with her playing."

Michelle, Mom to one, Dental Hygienist

"I was born nice. I didn't set out to be overly friendly, it's just how I was made. As a result my toddler knows everyone in our neighborhood, all the clerks at the grocery store, the library, and every other regular stop in our life. Her village is so big and so kind to her."

Kristen, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom and Blogger

"I tell it like it is. I don't placate people, or say things I don't mean. I also do not give into any sort of peer pressure or guilt. If you want to bribe me - food is definitely the way!! I think that these traits will help my daughter to know it is okay to make decisions for yourself and to own up to those decisions. I want her to feel confident in herself and know that she can do anything she wants! I plan to be supportive of whatever she dreams to do, and not pressure her into things I desire for her!"

Annie, Mom to one, Government Worker Bee

"I consider myself to be a very compassionate and patient person. When you have a screaming baby and a toddler that wants to talk like a pirate the whole day (and demands that everyone around them does as well), you definitely need patience. Having compassion has helped me not only with raising my kids but how I interact with other mothers or parents. Every mother is going through their own journey as a mother. As easy as it is to judge the mom with a toddler having a meltdown at the store, I choose to be compassionate. You never know what that mother is going through at that moment. Showing compassion just feels more freeing in general for me, especially as a mother."

Dee, Mom to two, Mother/Student/Legal Industry

"I have always been a planner and organized. I am not a big fan of leaving things to the last minute so if I have things organized and planned ahead of time, when life has a little hiccup, I can usually roll with it."

Cathy, Mom to one, Finance/Administration

"This is a tough one for me, but I think some of my greatest strengths are actually my thoughtfulness and my passion for writing. Obviously being thoughtful is easily applied to motherhood, I'm a very nurturing and caring person by nature. The passion for writing goes hand in hand with motherhood, as I am constantly writing about my family. These qualities are ones that I hope to instill onto my children as well."

Cassie, Mom to two, Orthodontic Lab Technician/Blogger

"One thing I think is becoming a strength of mine is not caring what others think of my decisions as a mother. This was incredibly hard during those first few months when my guy was a newborn. A simple example was nap times. I believed it was really important to try and set him up for the best environment to get the sleep he needed during the day and if that meant time with grandma and grandpa was over, then it was over. I imagine the challenge will change as he grows older, but I just tell myself, "You know what? This works for us. Just do it."

Also, I am very much a go-getter. If I say I'm going to do something, I do it. So, if I think it's time to start weaning my little guy from the sleep sack, then I just do it. If I think it's time he starts eating certain foods or times during the day, then we do it. Of course, sometimes this results in putting a lot of pressure on myself, but that is for another discussion :)"

Gloryanna, Mom to one, Teacher turned Stay at Home Mother

"Humor and sarcasm. It's all I know! I love when my kids throw it back at me. I know I have done my job when they come back at me with a quick witted comment!"

Kathy, Mom to four, Veterinary Nurse


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