While on this parenting adventure, a lot of unsolicited advice is often doled out from seasoned parents to newbie parents sharing what works best for them, advising what you should and shouldn’t do and so on. There are often some great tips and tricks that you can walk away with, like the best way to meal prep with little ones, or the reminder that being present for your little ones and nurturing them the way only you can is so valuable to them and you. Veteran parents have walked this path before, so why not sift through that advice and grab your gold nugget?

We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their best tip/trick and here is what they said.


"My tip, live with an open mind. This will do you well in all areas of your life but when it comes to parenthood we could all stand to learn a thing or two. Not one of us has this whole gig figured out so, if you meet someone that tells you otherwise, don't trust them. Take the unsolicited advice with a grain of salt but allow yourself to be open to new ideas and methods. Challenge and be challenged by your peers and the world around you but know that what works for one family won't always work for the next and that's okay!"

Vivianna, Mom to one, Boss Mom

"Giving kids options - it gives them a sense of control and ownership in their lives, when most things are decided for them. Even little things, like asking which piece of chicken my son would like gives him accountability over his dinner - which is something that kids typically have no control over. I find it cuts down on tantrums and arguments."

Stephanie, Mom to two, Blogger and Social Worker

"Poop stained clothes-- I've gotten the areas wet and let sit in the sun, sometimes I have had to put a spot cleaner on it as well but I have noticed this has helped to remove the stain."

Michelle, Mom to one, Dental Hygienist

"Our life would not function without our timer. We use it to start or stop nearly every activity in our life. It has kept the toddler from asking 1000 times for a snack, and helps to negotiate the dreaded "leaving the house- rush. As a bonus, she now yells at the timer and not me!"

Kristen, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom and Blogger

"When I was pregnant I had so many ideals and things that I wanted to do, and when my daughter was born she taught me that I need to let go of all of the plans and ideals I have. Things don't always go as planned, but you can make the best out of every situation. It is up to you to teach these littles to be adults and my one tip is to LET GO of your expectations. Expectations of how things should be and MOST importantly expectations on yourself!"

Annie, Mom to one, Government Worker Bee

"One tip I normally share is to remember that you have no one to impress and focus on your child(ren). I know this is easier said than done and it can be so easy to get wrapped up in competition. However, parenting shouldn’t be a competition over whose child reaches milestones first or trying to one-up another parent. For me, it’s about how can I keep nurturing a child in a way that will encourage them to grow.  It’s also about understanding that children are individuals that learn at their own pace and time."

Dee, Mom to two, Mother/Student/Legal Industry

"I don’t have a big bag of tricks, but one thing I can recommend is always cutting up the fruit and vegetables as soon as you get home from the store. I put them into containers so that they are a quick easy reach come snack time and less need for prepackaged foods if time is limited."

Cathy, Mom to one, Finance/Administration

"I think the one really important parenting tip that I've learned with 2 small kids, is that sometimes you just need to walk away. It might be when the kids are being insanely loud, or when they're throwing a temper tantrum, or when they just won't listen. Now, obviously if my kids are in distress I won't just leave them and go to Target, but for me personally, if I feel like I'm going to loose my cool, I'd rather walk away and take a few minutes to calm down behind closed doors, rather than start yelling in front/at my kids. I think sometimes as moms we feel like we have to hold it together all the time, and it's just not realistic, or healthy. We all need those moments to just take a step back and regroup sometimes."

Cassie, Mom to two, Orthodontic Lab Technician/Blogger


No matter where we are at in life, what we are doing or how we are feeling, there is always an open line of communication for prayer. I think many of us think we have to get our act together before we can go to God for help, but it just doesn't work that way. We go to Him for that help!!"

Gloryanna, Mom to one, Teacher turned Stay at Home Mother

"I am not sure I have any great tips or tricks. Parenting is a new adventure every day. With four kids dinners can be tricky. So each child gets a day of the week to pick what we are making. This way when they are unhappy about tacos they know spaghetti is coming soon!"

Kathy, Mom to four, Veterinary Nurse


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