Have there been times when another Mama has done just the right thing to support you when you needed most it in motherhood?  Have you wished that they would but not gotten that support? There are so many ways that we can support each other in this motherhood journey. Whether you're a Supermom or feel like you're barely making it, going it alone, without the strong arms of other mamas, is tough and we could all use their support in this important journey we're on.

We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their thoughts and here is what they said.


"Be GENTLE & KIND - Tell me I'm doing a great job, tell me it's okay on the days I fail, listen not to respond, speak without judgement and love like we are sisters. And, always remember, we are in this together so, when you're done supporting me, allow me to support YOU in those ways too."

Vivianna, Mom to one, Boss Mom

"Be honest. Be honest in everything from trivial things like what foods your child will eat to the big ones like miscarriage and loss. I find as moms we have a tendency to hide our issues and failures. Yet, it is these moments that bond us as moms and help each other out. None of us are perfect (and if you are that perfect mom - seriously email me, I need some tips!) Don't hide the fact that your nine-month old is still up every three hours at night (yup, that's me!). Be honest, and learn to laugh about it. When we hide the really tough things we face as moms, we just make others feel inadequate, and we are all fighting the same battle. Find humor in your fails and misses."

Stephanie, Mom to two, Blogger and Social Worker

"Give encouraging words. There is so much bullying now a days and it is often adults. It is so sad to see that instead of helping each other and giving encouraging words these people want to tear each other down. You never know what someone is experiencing and we are all human and all have emotions. Instead of judging a parent because they are doing things differently then you and you don't agree-- just give a positive comment or don't say anything at all. I think we are our hardest critiques when it comes to this job "motherhood" and we don't need to add on top of that the outside world judging us as well."

Michelle, Mom to one, Dental Hygienist

"Be Authentic. I firmly believe if we were ok celebrating our strengths AND our weaknesses we would all be more healthy! Seeing other women work through their parenting struggles and joys inspires me to keep trying."

Kristen, Mom to three, Stay at Home Mom and Blogger

"I would love to have other moms that are just available to talk to. I feel like when we are in high school you have your best friend and you do everything together. Then you get married and you have your husband, and then when you have a family you are busy being a mom. I would love to feel a part of the mom circle - because I still feel just on the outside of it. So close I can touch it - but not quite there. I would love any support from other mommas - even if its just a nice thought. Even a little thing means a lot."

Annie, Mom to one, Government Worker Bee

"One of the things I’ve noticed since becoming a mother is that in motherhood and parenthood there seems to be a competition. It’s a competition when it comes to milestones or even who can look more put together. I feel that mothers should support one-another as we understand first hand how much heart and soul is put into being a Mama. Uplifting one another can do so much especially during the times motherhood can feel so lonely."

Dee, Mom to two, Mother/Student/Legal Industry

"Just listen and then reassure me, I am not making a total mess of things. Most of the time in my heart of hearts I know I am ok but I think we all just need a little reassurance once in a while."

Cathy, Mom to one, Finance/Administration

"End the mommy wars/judging! I'm so tired of hearing, stay at home moms work harder than work at home moms. Or breast is better than bottle. Or if I let my baby sleep in their crib I won't form a bond with them. Just stop! Every mom is doing the best that they can for their kids. Motherhood is the hardest job there is. If we judge and pick apart other moms parenting decisions, we are not making it any easier. We all just want the best for our kids. Motherhood is so much easier when we are supportive and understanding of one another!"

Cassie, Mom to two, Orthodontic Lab Technician/Blogger

"I find that the more of us that can say "I agree to disagree" and still genuinely respect each other is one of the biggest ways we can support each other as moms. Mommy wars make my stomach turn.

Another way I feel supported is feeling heard. I don't necessarily always need another mom to say she has gone through what I have gone through (although sometimes that is just as helpful) but just having another mom to connect with has been some of the most supportive moments I have encountered!"

Gloryanna, Mom to one, Teacher turned Stay at Home Mother

"I think all moms need to be more real and honest. Most days I am a hot mess and I don't pretend to be anything but that. I wish all women in general would support other women. We all have our own journeys."

Kathy, Mom to four, Veterinary Nurse


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