Welcome to Mighty Mamas, an ongoing series where mamas share their candid and raw thoughts on motherhood. Our intention is to create a supportive forum for sharing without judgment. Mamas are so mighty and we are using that strength to build a powerful group of wonderful women who support each other in motherhood.

But first, let me introduce you to our next group of Mighty Mamas! These ladies will be with us for the next ten weeks and we couldn't be more excited to have such an awesome group of mamas! Here they are in all their glory and no particular order.


My name is Hannah, and I'm a WAHM of 4 precious little ones, ages 8, 6, 3, and 2.  I love Jesus, chai lattes, writing, reading, and sewing.  I started blogging about 7 years ago as a digital "scrapbook" of my family, but realized that I wanted to do more so in April, 2016, I started a new blog about special needs, chronic illness, parenting, and life in general.



My name is Jasmine, I'm a 28 year old Mom to a beautiful baby boy, and wife to an amazing husband. I probably have a bad potty-mouth, and probably drink *enough* wine. We live in Georgia with our cat, Dimitri, and I just started blogging this year to keep myself awake during middle-of-the-night nursing sessions. As well as touching on subjects that strike me at the moment,  I enjoy writing about being a Mom, Marriage, and pieces that I hope uplift and inspire someone!


Kim is a new SAHM to two busy but cute kids! A former English teacher at heart, she now spends time chasing toddlers, writing, and getting by with the occasional glass of wine. She writes about parenting, health/wellness, and anything to make the busy mama's life easier.


Beth is a SAHM to two beautiful children; one boy, one girl, & a lucky wifey to her husband, Eric. When she isn't breastfeeding, cloth diapering, or potty training, Beth can be found in the kitchen babywearing her newborn & cooking delicious dairy-free/soy-free treats with her toddler. Beth loves organic sustainable fabrics, upcycling, baking breads from scratch, & drinking artisan coffee.



Hi, I'm Brynn! I'm a stay-at-home momma to my two little ones by day and blogger by night! I turned in my pencil skirts for yoga pants and although some days are better than others, I wouldn't change a minute of it...well maybe a few minutes (can you say the witching hour). As a Registered Dietitian and mom, I love sharing my nutrition knowledge with others and started my blog to share tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle while still living in the real world. Everything in moderation is my mantra, goldfish and wine anyone?




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Michelle Thevenot is a work-from-home mom-boss from Saskatchewan, Canada with a mighty love for fitness, wine, and creative expressions of all kinds. When she’s not preventing household destruction by a toddler-dog duo (partners in crime), she lives her passions. From art to blogging, home workouts and winemaking, her hands are full, but so is her heart as a creative entrepreneur blogging at MT Bottles.



Hey guys, I'm Abi - a first time single mom whose journey into motherhood was less than perfect. Now I am thriving as a full time WAHM, SAHM, and blogger! Life couldn't be more amazing for me as I get to teach my kiddo everything he knows from manners and discipline to creativity and general knowledge. I've put a lot of what I've learned into a blog that not only provides crafts and activities for your kiddos but also easy DIY projects for you to do in your home - all on a budget! I'm beyond excited to join a team of mamas who have the same passions as I do and to become even more inspired by this amazing motherhood tribe!



My name is Samantha (Sam) and I’m a temporary SAHM mom living in the Pacific Northwest with my daughter, dog, and husband. I will soon be balancing this crazy journey of motherhood with finishing my teaching degree, and of course blogging. In real life you can find me sipping (chugging) coffee, enjoying the outdoors with my little family, cooking or snuggling my girl. I started my blog to give me a sense of personal identity outside of just being a mom with the hopes of connecting, uplifting, and supporting fellow mommas. 



My name is Ceci. I'm a freelance writer, blogger, wife and mom to 3 kids, ages 15, 12 and 7. Becoming a mom has been the adventure of a lifetime, and I discover new challenges, triumphs and questions at each stage of the journey. I'm still learning to worry less, trust more, be gracious & humble about making mistakes, and accept that my husband and I are doing the best we can to help our kids become good, kind people. Occasionally, I also do laundry, clean the house & feed the dog. I write from my home in Tucson, Arizona to share ideas with busy moms for simplifying life so we can all focus our precious time & money on making memories with our families and friends.



JeeYoung is a work at home mom and wife residing in the ‘burbs of Detroit, MI. She enjoys sleeping, cooking, cleaning, reading, writing, shopping, eating, and most importantly, drinking hot coffee. All of life’s essential things that take a little bit more effort these days while mothering her two little boys.


Join us back here every Monday to hear all of the unique, raw and personal perspectives these ladies have on motherhood. 


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