We all have those things we have to do or the day just doesn't seem to go right, almost like we woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Have you had those days?  What is that little thing that you do that helps keep you centered?

We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their thoughts and here is what they said.


"Some people have to have their coffee in the morning - I have to have my chai latte. I find that if I start my day with a cup of chai in one hand and my daily devotion in the other, I can take on the rest of the day much better."

-Hannah, Mom to four, Freelance Writer and Seamstress

"Having a cup of coffee in the morning brings me joy, talking about our days with my husband in the evening brings me peace, and hugging my children brings me love. They are the big things that keep me grounded."

-Beth, Mom to two, Domestic Engineer

"Well coffee is considered a daily ritual right? No but seriously the one thing that seems to really help is having some time to myself after the little one is put to bed. Sometimes that means quality time with my husband and sometimes that means some uninterrupted alone time for me. Having some "adult" time while she is sleeping seems to be a major life saver these days. "

-Samantha, Mom to one, Student

"Any little break, be it nap or actual bedtime, where I can get something done. Maybe it's five minutes checking email, or an hour of laundry. It's my time to recharge."

-Jasmine, Mom to one, Stay at Home Mom

"Exercise is my sanity saver. I’m naturally an anxious, sensitive person, so when stress builds up, it can quickly overwhelm me. Depression, anxiety, and body image issues are a few of the shadows that have passed over my life, but I’ve found purpose and peace in the pursuit of fitness. Most of my workouts happen at home or within walking, biking, or skiing distance. My 2-year-old son is a regular tag-along and keeps me company while I keep happy and healthy while setting a positive example for him at the same time."

-Michelle, Mom to one, Construction Company Manager, Artist, and Blogger

"Getting up earlier than my kids - this time before the world is up is key to my sanity. I pray, drink coffee, or workout. I am awake and ready for the day with them. "

-Kim, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom

"My cup of coffee in the morning, even the cold cups sometimes. Bedtime prayers with the kids. And taking me time to turn my brain off while scrolling through Instagram or watching a show on netflix while I do a load of laundry."

-JeeYoung, Mom to two, Consultant

"Relaxing with my husband each night while the kids are asleep. My kids both go to bed about 7:30pm each night, so I'm lucky that my husband and I get to be normal humans once they are asleep. We tend to have dinner as a family during the week, but on Friday nights we try to wait until after they go to bed and then make dinner just for ourselves. I think it keeps us centered and reminds us to make time for each other too!"

-Brynn, Mom to two, Registered Dietician and Stay at Home Momma

"Reading. It’s so easy to get attached to our computers and devices, and our technology never rests. It can be stressful trying to keep up with the constant alerts and notifications. For me, being able to put my phone down and step away from my laptop to read keeps me sane. Whether it’s reading the news or stories with my 7 year old, I try to make it quality time away from my electronics. The days on which I actually get to escape with my own book? They’re golden!"

-Ceci, Mom to three, Freelance Writer and Blogger

"I wish I could say exercise or something really healthy like that but my life is just far too busy for me to make that a priority right now (ps. I made these kinds of excuses long before I was actually busy, haha). I'd say that my favorite time of day is when I can snuggle with my son. We snuggle in the mornings while we have a glass of milk and watch cartoons, then we snuggle again at night as we read our bedtime stories. These moments are so dear to me as I know they are fleeting. One day my son won't eagerly crawl up on my lap and nestle into my chest as I smell his sweet scent and shower him in kisses. These moments are what make me love being a mother most, they remind me of the love and connection a mother has with her child - no words needed. They can calm me down from a tearfully hectic day and they remind me that I am needed, I am loved unconditionally, and I. Am. Awesome. Oh, and coffee helps me keep my sanity for the other 95% of the day. Lots and lots of coffee."

-Abi, Mom to one, Graphic Designer, WAHM, Stay at Home Mom


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