Becoming a mother is a transformation.  Some of the changes we know and have long expected, but some come as a total surprise.  Maybe after becoming a mother you have serious anxiety on airplane rides (flying AWAY from your family), or maybe you can sit all day and stare into your baby's eyes when before you were an on the go kind of gal.


We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their thoughts and here is what they said.


"That I can function on so little sleep - although I use the word "function" loosely."

-Hannah, Mom to four, Freelance Writer and Seamstress

"That I still care about things being organized! I thought for sure I wouldn't mind some extra chaos, but when the house is too messy, I just can't stand it. Sorry, kids! I do my best to let them play all day and only clean up before bed, though."

-Beth, Mom to two, Domestic Engineer

"A lot has surprised me honestly, but I think most of all is just how attached and in love I am with my daughter. My husband will jokingly tell you that I am not the most affectionate person; I also don't get attached very easily to people. While I was pregnant I seriously was worried about this. I've always been this way too, but man is it a different story with my little girl. I could love on her all day! It's true what they say about the strength of a mother's bond to her children. I never get tired of being with her (tantrums over nap time aside) and I miss her after being away for 20 minutes."

-Samantha, Mom to one, Student

"The ability to Love. You think you love your husband, or your cat...but it's not until you have a child that you learn what love really is. You learn exactly what you would do, or sacrifice, for your child."

-Jasmine, Mom to one, Stay at Home Mom

"I knew my body would change through motherhood, but I was surprised by how much my mind changed. My brain and emotions reprogrammed into a softer, more sensitive version and my awareness of others’ experiences became much more pronounced. It took several months for me to adjust to the new brain patterns. The foreign and often overwhelming emotions got the better of me as I struggled to process it all. But after some time, it all became my new normal. As I became more acquainted with my new self as a mother, I became more in tune with not only myself and my son, but also with others which is now turning into a wonderful gift I appreciate immensely."

-Michelle, Mom to one, Construction Company Manager, Artist, and Blogger

"The love I have for them - and the intense worry. You never know what each day will hold, and it goes so fast. I worry for their safety and health because I just love them so much. They are my whole world."

-Kim, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom

"The raw, candid emotions that I feel on all sides of the spectrum. The good and bad and everything in between, parenthood has ignited every fiber of my being with the most candid and raw feelings."

-JeeYoung, Mom to two, Consultant

"I would have to say how much I can now cry at the drop of a hat. Everything makes me tear up ... a commercial, a song on the radio, my daughter drawing me a picture, my son giving me a hug, a funny story I read on Facebook, etc. I was never really a "crier" before having kids but ever since becoming a parent, the waterworks just don't stop."

-Brynn, Mom to two, Registered Dietician and Stay at Home Momma

"I used to think of myself as a patient person, but since becoming a mom, I realize I have much less patience than I would like. Of course, nobody knows how to push my buttons like my kids, so that could be part of it, but I find myself wanting to snap at my kids more often than I like. I’m working on reminding myself that they’re still learning and testing boundaries, and I have to stop myself and take a deep breath before I respond with a snarky remark or a raised voice. This is a work in progress for me, but I hope I’m getting better day by day, one step at a time."

-Ceci, Mom to three, Freelance Writer and Blogger

"What surprises me the most about becoming a mother is that I'm actually pretty good at it. Don't get me wrong, I make plenty of mistakes but coming from a girl who has spent the last decade being very selfish and shouting from the rooftops that kids will never be an option, this little blessing of mine has become one of my greatest accomplishments. I find myself eager to be his teacher, leader, best friend, and confidant - all while maintaining my role as his mother. I am proud to have taught him to be kind, to listen, to obey, and to be eager to learn and try new things. I got so lucky with this little boy and while I'll proudly take credit for the little boy I'm moulding, I also have to realize that he was perfectly made for me and I for him. Together we make a great team and now I find myself proudly shouting from the rooftops that a near 2 year old is my best friend. That's something I never thought would happen. God works in mysterious ways!"

-Abi, Mom to one, Graphic Designer, WAHM, Stay at Home Mom

Was there something that really surprised YOU after becoming a mother?

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