At the end of the day, when all is said and done, what is that thing you want your children to have learned from you more than all else?  Does it have to do with their happiness?  How they relate to others? Their success? Their idea of their place in the world?

We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their thoughts and here is what they said.


"To glorify God with their lives and care for others."

-Hannah, Mom to four, Freelance Writer and Seamstress

"Kindness and the importance of consent."

-Beth, Mom to two, Domestic Engineer

"That dreams do come true if you work hard enough. I want my daughter and future children to know the value of hard work and honest effort. With that as a core value I know that they will be able to accomplish great things and overcome huge obstacles. I think this is character trait which is becoming less common as time passes, so I want to insure that we pass it to our children."

-Samantha, Mom to one, Student

"The most important thing is to be a Good person. Be good to those who need you, and those who don't. Be kind to those who are, as well as those who aren't, kind to you. Always do the right thing. Because Evil prevails when Good men do nothing."

-Jasmine, Mom to one, Stay at Home Mom

"Respect and awareness. I feel the two go hand-in-hand. In order to respect something, you must first be aware of it. I hope my son will respect himself, other people, authority, finances, different beliefs, different experiences, change, challenges, and so on… but first, I must teach him to be aware of those things. I hope to teach him to be aware of the “why’s” behind all things he will come to respect. Once those values are instilled, a respectful, aware person has great potential for understanding the world around them, impacting others’ lives in a meaningful way, and accomplishing happiness and success in whatever way best suits them."

-Michelle, Mom to one, Construction Company Manager, Artist, and Blogger

"To be kind and know how blessed you truly are!"

-Kim, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom

"I hope to teach them to be loving, caring, and kind human beings who value relationships and their roles in the macro world."

-JeeYoung, Mom to two, Consultant

"Kindness. I want my kids to be that kid in school that is friends with everyone. The one who is well liked by all. Don't get me wrong, I don't want them to get walked on but I want them to be self-assured and confident but never forget that everyone is going thru something and that being mean is never warranted. Kindness matters."

-Brynn, Mom to two, Registered Dietician and Stay at Home Momma

"I hope to teach my children to value relationships and experiences over material possessions or wealth. When it comes down to it, it’s the people in our lives and the memories we make and share that make us rich. I hope they’ll learn to live their lives with grace and compassion, and when they’re older, that they’ll always remember to call home once in a while because I’ll always be here for them."

-Ceci, Mom to three, Freelance Writer and Blogger

"That you get out of things what you put into them. I know, it's a phrase that's been said for years ... but it's such a true statement that we often forget to remind ourselves of. Whether it be in relationships, friendships, community service, your career, etc. the effort you're willing to put towards something will almost always pay off in the long run. Is it easier to be lazy? Sure, but that's not what is going to put you above the rest and make you successful. When relationships get tough you need to try and love a little harder. When you feel like a great friendship is failing you might find yourself needing to put forth more effort. When you don't have anything to give, give your time - someone always has it worse than you. When you feel like you're stuck at a dead end job, find a way to push through the hump. Put forth effort in all things while you're young and while they're hard and while you may not always succeed, you'll never be a failure. Hard work always pays off, and if not - you'll at least learn something. Sometimes that kind of growth is payment enough."

-Abi, Mom to one, Graphic Designer, WAHM, Stay at Home Mom

What do you most want your kids to learn from you?

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