Introducing Our Next Group of Mighty Mamas!

Welcome to Mighty Mamas, an ongoing series where mamas share their candid and raw thoughts on motherhood. Our intention is to create a supportive forum for sharing without judgment. Mamas are so mighty and we are using that strength to build a powerful group of wonderful women who support each other in motherhood.

But first, let me introduce you to our next group of Mighty Mamas! These ladies will be with us for the next ten weeks and we couldn't be more excited to have such an awesome group of mamas! Here they are in all their glory and no particular order.


Hello! My name is Brooke and I am a nurse turned stay-at-home mom who left the workforce to raise my daughter. I enjoy sharing recipes, poems, and real life experiences with other mommas like me!



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Sara Robinson, MA is the creator of Get Mom Balanced which helps busy moms create balance and develop the mental skills needed to survive and thrive in motherhood. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, Reality Moms, SportingKid Live and Barretender. Sara is the mom of two young boys, teaches athletes to be more mentally tough, and spends lots of time laughing and playing with her kids.


Angela is the mother of 3-year-old triplets. She spends her days loving and sometimes loathing the experience of raising multiples. When she’s not chasing three toddlers you can find her blogging at The Triplet Farm and drinking an entire pot of coffee in one day. 



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I am a pastor's wife, currently residing in Bangkok Thailand, all the way from Nashville, TN. I am a former counselor, and am now a blogging mama to 2 beautiful blue-eyed spunky littles. I blog about Parenting, Christianity and our life here in Bangkok! 



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Hey, I'm Sheila.  After ups, downs, soul searching, and life happenings, I have decided that when it comes down to it you should love your life. Do what makes you happy, laugh often, and get in a good sweat session daily. I am a wife, boymom of a toddler, CPA, online fitness coach and PiYo Instructor. I have lived in Nebraska my whole life, growing up in Omaha and now living on an acreage outside of the city.  My passion is passing along what I have learned to others...helping them Love, Laugh and Sweat!  


I am Tineke, a Dutchie living in Spain, happily not-married to César and mommy of Lucas. Before becoming a mom I always thought I was busy and I was a big planning fan. However, since we have Lucas the term “busy” got a whole new definition and little kids don´t really do planning!  On my blog Working Mommy Abroad I am helping busy moms to get things done and I am also sharing my experiences as a working mom in a country which is not my home country and therefore causes quite some cultural clashes in this whole motherhood thingy.


Join us back here every Monday to hear all of the unique, raw and personal perspectives these ladies have on motherhood. 


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