One of the things that keeps parenting interesting is that kiddos are always unpredictable. Well, at least they become unpredictable as soon as you think you can predict them.  We were curious what hilarious things the kids of our 10 Mighty Mamas have done lately.

We asked our Mighty Mamas to share their thoughts and here is what they said.


"My kids seem to think they're a bunch of comedians so I have a few, but one of my favorites was when my now-8-year-old daughter was 3 and she would blame whatever she was doing on a specific body part. For example, when I got after her for getting out of bed after bedtime, she looked down at her feet with surprise and consternation and said, "I didn't get out of bed, it was my feet that walked me out here!" It took everything to hold my laughter in until I was far enough away from her not to hear me."

-Hannah, Mom to four, Freelance Writer and Seamstress

"I caught my son spit-polishing his cars with a shoe brush.... I had to tell him no, of course, but inside I was dying from laughter. He has such a great imagination and I'm always surprised by the unique ideas he has."

-Beth, Mom to two, Domestic Engineer

"My daughter was fairly young (like 1 month old) and I went to change her diaper on her changing table well I was shocked when as soon as I removed her diaper she peed, everywhere! I mean it hit the wall, the lamp, myself. I was pretty shocked honestly! I thought this sort of thing only happened if you have boys. I can laugh at it now but in the moment my sleep deprived self was not amused."

-Samantha, Mom to one, Student

"My son has learned that "No", just means "do it faster." So we have to chase him with a running time clock. Babies are fast, no matter who you are! And screaming "No, no, no!" only makes it worse..."

-Jasmine, Mom to one, Stay at Home Mom

"A “childproof” door handle lock is no longer childproof as a 2-year-old stealthily opens the pantry door while mom works in the office. His prolonged silence, despite several calls from mom, is a giveaway that he’s fully entranced in a covert mission. As mom’s decibel level increases to “dangerously-close-to-intervention,” the toddler is keenly aware that it’s time to abort mission chocolate. He closes the pantry door behind him, disposes of the chocolate wrapper evidence within the appropriate trash receptacle, dashes towards mom’s office before slowing to casually saunter into the room. Mom takes his hand and leads him to a mirror. He looks at his reflection. “Ohhhh…. dirty!” he realizes as he touches his chocolate-stained face, then averts his gaze from that of mom’s. After many minutes of interrogation, a toddler’s conscious resolvedly admits to mission chocolate."

-Michelle, Mom to one, Construction Company Manager, Artist, and Blogger

"Just recently, my daughter stuck a cashew up her nose and could not get it out. Right before I was about to hit the ER, she sneezed so hard, the entire cashew came flying out. Mom had wine that night after the crazy episode."

-Kim, Mom to two, Stay at Home Mom

"I'm not sure if it's funny or embarrassing, probably both! But there have been more than one occasion, where I've forgotten to lift my tee back up after nursing my babies. Thankfully it was just my bra showing!

Oh and a recent memory is when I accidentally bumped into my three year old and he turns around and says to me, "umma, please say sorry to me, you hurt my leg when you bumped into me." "

-JeeYoung, Mom to two, Consultant

"I remember being in line at HomeGoods (my fave!) and my kids had been really good all during the store, but the line was long and they got antsy. One started whining and then the other kept trying to climb out of the cart, snacks got spilled on the floor, crying started, and I just felt frazzled. I was on my hand and knees trying to pick up the spilt snack, while trying to tell one to stop crying and other to stop attempting to climb over the side of the cart. The lady behind me in line was like this royal looking woman with perfectly pressed clothes and a fancy handbag and I thought for sure she was thinking bad thoughts about me and my kiddos. I was about to lose it when my daughter (3 years old) said really loudly "momma that lady looks like the duchess from Aristocats" (referring to the lady behind us) and the woman laughed and said "meow". My kid started cracking up and I just couldn't stop laughing. It was a good reminder that little things will pass and to remember to try not to stress too much. I thank God for the lady with the great sense of humor."

-Brynn, Mom to two, Registered Dietician and Stay at Home Momma

"When my son was 2, I took him to his annual doctor’s appointment. The doctor went down his list of standard milestones to assess my son’s development with simple questions like “can you tell me your name?” and “can you walk to your mom?” He had my son identify common objects to see how many words he knew and to assess his speech. Then, as he got to the bottom of his list, he sort of muttered to himself, “let’s see … are you potty trained?” My son didn’t hesitate. He immediately said, “No, I’m Simon.”"

-Ceci, Mom to three, Freelance Writer and Blogger

"Disclaimer: my son is ALL boy and this story may be a little crude! Okay, here we go.. So every night when we take baths my son suddenly becomes Mr. Gassy. I swear he holds his stinkers in all day just so he can listen to the bath water bubble and feel the tickles along his back. Then he laughs until his gut splits in two. Because this is so normal for us (for real, it's timed like clockwork), I thought nothing of it when he pounced up on all fours and kept "pushing." Right as I started to become nervous about what was coming out of his rear end, I saw it. You know the "it" that I'm talking about. My one and a half year old was going number two. I couldn't get him out of the tub fast enough - his toys touched it, he touched it, and then I had to do the unimaginable...touch it myself. It was awful. He thought it was hilarious. Boys will be boys I guess!"

-Abi, Mom to one, Graphic Designer, WAHM, Stay at Home Mom

What is one funny parenting moment you've experienced?

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